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An Alternative (Humanist) Invocation

A few weeks ago, after it was learned that Barack Obama had chosen mega-church pastor, schlocky self-help guru and homophobic bigot Rick Warren to give the Inaugural Invocation, many of us liberal types were shocked and outraged. Obama had run a campaign based on hope. Hope for change, hope for a better world. Yet he had chosen a man who would deny not only that hope, but the basic civil rights of a large segment of our population.

And while most of us were ranting, and frothing at the mouth, at Obama’s insensitivity, Quaker Dave from The Quaker Agitator had a better idea. Instead of highlighting the hate and bigotry of Rick Warren, he believed we should post our own messages of hope, compassion, tolerance and diversity. And what better day to do it than on Obama’s Inaugural Day. So The Alternative Invocation blog swarm was born…

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