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Send your name around the Earth

NASA is back with another put-your-name-on-a-spacecraft publicity gimick. This time it’s for the Glory Mission. The Glory Mission will launch a satellite that will act as an orbiting observatory, allowing scientists to measure aerosols (airborne particles) more accurately than ever before, as well as collect data on the amount of direct and indirect sunlight falling on the Earth. This data will allow scientists to better understand climate change and how both aerosols and the sun’s radiation affect it.

Participants in the “Send Your Name Around The Earth” campaign will have their names recorded on a microchip that will become part of the spacecraft. Naturally, everyone participating gets a printable color certificate suitable for framing (which translates from the original Marketron language…


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Prehistoric yeast lead to new beer

California Polytechnic State University scientist Raul Cano will go to almost any length to brew the perfect beer, and in this case he’s gone back in time. Well, not quite. Actually, he’s using a strain of yeast out of time…

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Reporting on the newest Baylor University Institute for Studies of Religion poll, Time Magazine notes that 55% of respondents believe they were personally protected…

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Carnival of the Liberals #74

Now that’s the way we like to do things at Carnival of the Liberals! Almost seventy great entries this time, but Gracie at XXBN Radio worked hard to find the ten rarest gems out of all the jewels sent in for Carnival of the Liberals #74. Next up is Clashing Culture on October 8th…

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Phoenix’s Facebook page disabled

If you were friends with the Phoenix Mars Lander on Facebook, you’ll likely have noticed by now that Phoenix’s Facebook profile was disabled a couple of weeks back. Today Phoenix wrote to inform us that her profile is permanently gone, but all of her friends have been transferred by the Facebook admins…

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George Takei Ties The Knot

George Takei who played Lt. Sulu on Star Trek married Brad Altman, his partner of twenty-one years, in what sounds like a lovely Buddhist ceremony which included a kimono-wearing koto player and bagpipes. Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura) and Walter Koenig (Ensign Chekov) were maid of honor…

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Carnival of the Liberals #73: RNC Mania!

RNC mania has come to Carnival of the Liberals #73. No surprise I suppose that the rampaging herd of elephants busy trampling decency, common sense and logic underfoot in Minneapolis this past week would be the topic du jour, but as you can read, varkam has chosen the best of the best of the liberal commentary on the Republican National Convention and even found one or two posts…

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